and delivery of your goods to RUSSIA WITH A MANUFACTURER’S GUARANTEE

assemble the interior out off 10,000 offers in China on your own

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We will help you purchase furniture and deliver it to home.
You can select from the catalogue or travel to China and purchase all on your own with our help.

Advantages of a
«furniture tour» service


You manage to acquire
all the needed furniture
within 5-14 days


Stay longer to enjoy unique charm of the cities of Greater China


The guide will recommend you furniture only from reliable and tested manufacturers


You are not limited only to one store, but can select from more than 10,000 offers

At every step we have
comfortable conditions for you

  • Step 1Tour preparation

    • You fill in an application
    • We process your visa
    • We reserve your room at a hotel
    • We buy your air tickets
  • Step 2Arrival at Guangzhou airport

    • We meet you with the name plate of «Casa-Deco»
    • We take you by car to the hotel
    • You receive a free Chinese sim-card to contact the guide
    • We help you accommodate at the hotel
  • Step 3Accompaniment at shopping malls

    • The guide offers 10 shopping malls in 3 cities for you to choose
    • The distance between the cities is less than 80 km and we will take you to the destination
    • The guide will certainly request for discount for you
    • You can select furniture within established parameters
    • You pay 30-50% prepayment for the goods
  • Step 4Purchase of your goods

    • We discuss date of readiness of the goods with suppliers
    • We inspect the goods quality at the factory
    • We purchase your goods from the manufacturer
    • We deliver the goods to our warehouse in Foshan
  • Step 5Packing of goods

    • We provide you with a photo report upon the goods’ receipt and its quality
    • We pack the goods for safekeeping additionally during the transportation
  • Step 6Delivery of goods

    • We process documents on transportation of goods
    • We load a container and ship by sea
    • We unload the goods and deliver to the point of destination

For those who are planning recreation

A furniture tour is the right case for going on a vacation without affecting your finances.
Apart from saving 50% on purchase of furniture, your recreation is included into the trip cost.
It’s up to you how to pass the time!

For lovers of metropolises and shopping

Choose a trip to Hongkong. It’s the global
financial center. An ex-colony
of Great Britain, where concrete jungle
meets tropical one.

For lovers of amusement parks

Don’t leave ‘Chimelong’ entertainment
zone unattended. It is a whole city of all
possible entertainments for all ages.

Here is the largest amusement park in the territory of China and one of largest aqua parks in the world. Moreover, it is the largest theme park with animals in China, which consists of a safari and a zoo and the largest circus in the world.

For lovers of architecture

A boating along the Pearl River will touch everyone’s feelings.

Numerous parks of Guangzhou stand out for their authenticity and diversity. You can make an excursion to the second highest television tower in the world – Canton Tower.

For fans of gambling games

We recommend you to visit Macau. He is known as the center of gaming industry,
‘the Asian Las Vegas’. Local casinos strike
with their glory and magnitude.

For gourmands and shopaholics

Guangzhou is famous for clothing markets
and leather goods. There are large
modern shopping malls with
global brands in the downtown.

You can choose a dinner on the world map
in Guangzhou. Which cuisine would you like
to try tonight: the Russian, French, German,
Arabian, Brazilian, Japanese?
Nobody would resist such a diversity.

For those who prefer recreation
on the dream seacoast

Visit the city of Shenzhen! There are
almost all mainland beaches of
the Southern China in its territory.
Spectacular sceneries of the South China Sea,
its sandy shores and coastal mountains
open up here.

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How will your furniture tour turn out?

You will have a ready interior from
furniture that is lacking
even in luxurious stores

You will save 50-75%
from cost of goods

You will receive
the purchase to your door

You will have a rest and enjoy
beauty of the Chinese cities

You will buy presents
for yourself and your dear ones

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