we will select appropriate variants for you for free even today

save up to 20% compared to retail purchase

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Assembling, project updating and adapting to your premises’ dimensions are free of charge.
You pay only for the furniture cost and its delivery. You can pay after signing the contract.

Why is it worth ordering
interior on a turn-key basis?

You give us a ready premises project or select from our ready offers.
If you don’t like the catalogue, our designers will create a project according to your wishes.
Unless you like everything! You will only need to wait for your order!


You don’t stuff your head with search of a manufacturer


You don’t waste your time on customs clearance of goods


We check quality of goods before loading into containers


You receive a photo report on your personal user account


You always know where your order is:
in the warehouse, on the way or already in your city


You receive the order at a time
of your convenience

Expenses on furniture can be lower than you think

You definitely get a discount from our company by using the service of interior on a turn-key basis.
You will have whole the furniture assembled according to your design project.
Or select an offer from our catalogue, indicate the premises’ dimensions
and after 3 months have a new interior.

For apartments
For houses
For cafes
For restaurants
For hotels

Assembling interior
according to your project

Please get in contact with us and we will assemble and furnish your interior within only 3 days!
You will need to leave your comments on the project and wait. The service is free of charge.
You present your project and wait for 3 days. If you like the result, we will work further, if not,
you won’t lose anything.

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